3 Household Swaps for Greener Living (and Save $$!)

I’ve been on the wellness lifestyle bandwagon for quite a while now, but once I became pregnant with Connor, that clean, natural living really magnetized. Now, some of those things I did while pregnant I sort of let fall by the wayside in the new stages of motherhood (for example, making my own shampoo and deodorant… although I do foresee a coming full circle with that in the future), some of the changes really stuck. And they have truly improved my life, so I’m sharing them with you today.

Three simple shifts to make in your home for a cleaner way of life… and save money!

+Throw out chemical cleaners and switch to Dr. Bronner’s for everything.

I mean everything. You can use these soaps to wash your hair, face, body, dog, dishes, counters, floors, windows, laundry, and literally so much more. Think about that for a second… one bottle that does everything, instead of ten different bottles that do ten different things. This is a saving grace in our household. I buy one big bottle, use it all around the house, and it still lasts so long due to it's high concentration levels. Their ingredients are clean and simple and they all smell amazingggg.

+Ditch your expensive perfume lotions. Because coconut oil is life.

Not only do I cook with coconut oil, but I use it as a moisturizer for my entire body and I love it. My skin is so soft and actually hydrated! What you put on your skin seeps through your pores and into your joints, muscles, etc., so it’s a really good idea to skip rubbing chemicals and toxins into your body and use something that actually nourishes you! If you miss the sweet smells of your perfume lotions, you can add a good quality essential oil to the coconut oil. And bam, you’re getting even more beneficial plant properties into you.

+Invest in Cast Iron Pans.

They last forever, are chemical free, and easy to clean. Not only do they make your food taste better, they literally add iron to your food. When you cook with the basic aluminum pans, you’re letting aluminum and all the other chemicals to seep into your food. And then you eat it. Yuck. We have cast iron pans handed down from Sean’s parents and they are the only things we own that I am willing to cook in. If for whatever reason you don’t want to use cast iron, you could do ceramic or stoneware instead. But please no more cheap aluminum cookware!

Changing your lifestyle habits around takes time. One small step toward wellness is really all you need to focus on, and before you know it you and your family will be enjoying all the benefits of mindful, green living!

Health and happiness,


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