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Pose of the Day: Warrior Three

Warrior Three, or Virabhadrasana C

Photo of Alyssa, Heated Flow Wednesdays @ 6pm

This advanced balancing pose is great for building strength in the feet and ankles, legs, hips, gluteus muscles, core and back muscles. It improves balance, mental focus and awareness of the physical body.

To start, spread the toes and ground down through all corners of the left foot. Lean your torso forward as you float your back leg behind you. Keep the floating leg active and strong, and make an active decision with your foot - ie either fully flex or point it. Stretch your arms out straight forward, biceps by the ears but shoulders drawing down the back. Spread and activate the fingers.

*You can also take the arms out wide like airplane wings, hands together at heart center or back by your hips to modify the position.

Eventually your body will be totally parallel with the ground. Make sure to keep the hips level - be mindful of drawing that floating hip down to keep it even with the standing hip. Stretch through the spine, reach through your toes and your fingers and become as long as you possibly can!

Press strongly through your standing leg. Having a soft bend in the knee is good, we don’t want to hyper-extend, but it’s not a deep bend either. Find that sweet balance.

Stay here for at least five full, deep breaths and then switch over to the other side.

Happy practicing!

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