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  Green Drinks & Tea  

Did you know that Yoga Pulse Studio has a green drink bar? Our staff are specially trained in the art of Green Drink making! Our drinks are delicious and nutritious! Each month, our smoothie bar features a new Green Drink of the month; but don't worry, we will always have our staple drinks available. Each drink will generally have a green for the base, like spinach, kale, chard, or lettuce and include a fruit, filtered water and/or coconut water, and ice. *We also carry Cashew Milk, Chocolate Cashew Milk (with a hint of Almond) Coconut Milk, and Coconut Water.


Besides being ice cold and refreshing, these green drinks will be full of fiber, packed with vitamins, and minerals, and are a healthy addition to any diet.


Benefits of drinking Yoga Pulse Studio green drinks include:

  • Feeling better- as your bowels are more regulated and you supply your body with more enzymes, fiber, and nutrients.

  • Get sick less often- as you support your immunity with increased Vitamin C, Zinc, and Selenium

  • Slow aging-as you support yourself with more anti-oxidants your body can fight the aging process. This can slow cross-linkage of collagen that contributes to wrinkling, and age related changes in vision.  Anti-oxidants can also slow the death of melanocytes that contribute to graying hair.

  • More energy- as your supply your mitochondria with needed trace minerals, and support your mitochondria with more anti-oxidants you can generate more ATP and thus increase energy on a cellular level.

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