Unheated Yoga: The Green Room
    A cool- toned, calm room to find your center so       you can root down to rise up or perhaps root          down to relax. The room typically is used for:
  • Inspired (unheated) Flow
  • Feel Good Flow
  • Yin Yoga + Meditation
  • Ashtanga: Primary Series
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Aerial Yoga

Our second studio room, called the "Green Room" or "The Anahata Room", is a quaint, soothing space that offers smaller, unheated yoga classes. The room has dark brown wood flooring, mirrors, and a wall of windows which offers beautiful natural light to the room- with the option of closing the white opaque curtains. This room hosts Aerial/Hammock yoga, smaller unheated classes-- both Vinyasa & Gentle yoga, workshops, Beginners classes, private instruction, etc. 

On-site Services & Facilities...


Did you know we have a nice, big, well-lit parking lot in the back? We do! Park in the back, and you can easily come through the rear entryway!

We are a bare-foot friendly studio... please remove your shoes when you enter through the front or back door. We have plenty of cubbies for storage!

We also have a shower in each bathroom-- just bring a towel (or rent one), and a change of clothes!

Want to ride your bike? Give us a heads up before class and we can hold your bike in the back room.

Can I drink water during my session?

Absolutely!  We encourage it!  Making sure you are well hydrated during your session improves your performance and will improve your ability to detoxify while you sweat. (Check out our 20 Tips to Prepare for Hot Yoga, here .)


Will I be standing on carpet?

No!  You will be standing on special low VOC vinyl flooring designed especially for the demanding conditions of hot yoga.  It is also non-slip to provide a good stable base. Plus, you'll have a yoga mat!


Do I have to be an experienced yoga practitioner to join?

No! All levels of yoga are welcome!  From the hot yoga first timer to the highly experienced yogi, you are able to participate and get maximum benefit from the hot yoga experience no matter your previous experience. Yoga Pulse truly is the motto: Yoga. Every Body. All the Time. We make sure our classes are inclusive for All Levels!


Why green drinks?

Green drinks are delicious, refreshing, and cold.  They are a great way to rehydrate after a strenuous yoga work out.  The greens are full of anti-oxidants that will slow aging by protecting your body’s cells from oxidative stress and damage.  The fruits are delicious and, in addition to the fiber from the greens, have pectin to help cleanse the colon.

Is practicing yoga at 104 degrees Fahrenheit safe?

Yes. However, you should contact your own physician to be sure you do not have an underlying medical condition that might make this activity inappropriate for some.


How is the environment controlled?

Yoga Pulse Studio’s main studio is carefully climate controlled using a state of the art system to keep the humidity between 40-60% and the temperature at 104 degrees F.  The air has been run through a filtration system and UV light to sanitize the air.  This system is similar to what hospitals use to keep the air clear of germs.


What if I can’t do all of the poses?

No problem! Just do your best, relax, and focus on your breathing. Flexibility will come with practice.  Yoga is not limited to the flexibile, it is for all who are willing! Our Hot yoga classes are made for participants to enjoy the experience.


What should I bring to class?

It is important to bring water and a yoga mat with towel.  Be sure to wear clothing that will allow you to move and stretch.  You will sweat. Of course, if you don’t have everything you need, we have equipment to rent or purchase.  


What are the benefits of hot yoga?

There are many benefits of hot yoga: 

  • Stress relief;

  • Improvement of balance;

  • Increase of muscle strength and endurance;

  • Helps clear the mind to focus;

  • Increases lung capacity;

  • Improves posture;

  • Improves flexibility; and

  • Aids in weight loss


What if I don’t feel well during class?

Let your yoga instructor know, or quietly pack up your stuff and leave. It’s perfectly fine to leave the class! You can even leave to use the rest room. We are YOUR studio,so we are here for you!


Where is the studio located?

Our Mesa studio is located at 342 North Val Vista Drive Suite 102 Mesa, Arizona 85213.  It is on Val Vista just south of University Drive.



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Hot Yoga Room: The Red Room
Specifically planned with
Hot- Yoga -Lovers in mind!  

The flooring in our Heated Yoga studio room is made of partially recycled, low VOC, microbial resistant material made with Hot Yogis in mind.  The air that is circulated through our studio has been sterilized by UV light to ensure fresh clean air. Cleanliness and safety are a top priority to us!

  More than just Hot Yoga!

We offer a variety

of yoga styles and types.

Keep reading to learn more about our space!