Yoga Practice with a Purpose; Yoga Pulse.

Upon creating Yoga Pulse, it was vital that our studio be a place where anyone, any body, can come to practice yoga. At the heart of this studio is a philosophy that aims to bring people together, providing a catalyst through which our students and clients feel comfortable as they each encounter their own yoga journey; the journey of the self, to the self, through the self. This is YOUR practice & we aim to be a studio that empowers and encourages you. Our 3 tenants we uphold revolve around a non-intimidating environment; we aim to:
                                Y O U ... so you can live your best life!

what do we mean by

'every body'...?

When we say 'every body' we mean:

  • each individual human body (including, mind, body, spirit/soul)

  • every kind of individual, no matter their past and current life experiences--

  • every culture, age, human, skin color, groups of people, people as individuals, the collection of every body

  • the collection of every body as it relates to being yoked with YOGA and doing this journey-work

  • the body of yoga (the yogis and yoginis; stewards of yoga; the practitioner on and off the mat)

  • the body of yoga (any person interacting with yoga, a yogic lifestyle, upholders of yogic philosophies, etc)

  • how all 8 limbs of the practice are upheld

  • each person acting as an agent for transformation in the name of yoga.... and many many more!

  • Do you have any positive interpretations of 'every body'?

Our goal is to make yoga accessible to every body without compromising the value of knowledge and skill set each teacher contributes, as well as uphold the importance of a properly discerned, 

and devoted yoga practice.

  Whats the Pulse in the Mesa Yoga Community? 

We are more than just a studio-- we are a community! We have a Donations based Community Class every Sunday at 1:15pm. Plus, workshops and specialty classes throughout each month. As practitioners of breath and movement, we hope to bring meditation, sound healing, martial arts, calisthenics, health & nutrition, and many other movement and health based programs to you!

342 N. Val Vista Dr.

Suite #102

Mesa, AZ 85213


Ph: 480-459-5444



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