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Yoga Practice with a Purpose; Yoga Pulse.

Open and Serving our CommUnity since April 7th, 2016

Upon creating Yoga Pulse, it was vital that our studio be a place where anyone, any body, can come to practice yoga. At the heart of this studio is a philosophy that aims to bring people together, providing a catalyst through which our students and clients feel comfortable as they each encounter their own yoga journey; the journey of the self, to the self, through the self. This is YOUR practice & we aim to be a studio that empowers and encourages you. Our 3 tenants we uphold revolve around a non-intimidating environment; we aim to
YOU; so you can live your best life!



 New Clients:

 1st Class at Yoga Pulse is just $5! 

 *not including Aerial Yoga*  

What Constitutes a "New Client”?

  Any body that has *not-yet* visited our studio

and taken a class.

Additions for the Clients Maximum Benefit


Sound Healing Classes:

    * Inspired Flow

    * Restorative / Yin Yoga Classes

    * Kundalini Yoga

    * Meditation

*Vin to Yin


What else do we offer?

    * A Green Drink Smoothie Bar

    * A Boutique Supporting Other Small Businesses!

*  Essential Oils (in class, and for sale)

* Hand Towels for Hot Yoga 

* Shower + Towel in both bathrooms 

Special Events:

    * Sound Healing 101

    * Self-Defense (Women only class)

    * New/Full Moon Offerings

    * RYT-200 Hour *Coming in 2024!*

    * Quantum BIOFEEDBACK: 

             Energy Attunement ($90 for 75 minutes)

   * Private Sound Healing 

   * Private Aerial Yoga (Celebrations!)

   * Private Yoga Class

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