Pricing | Membership

  • Your 1st class is just $1! 
  • We ask that you arrive about 10 minutes before class starts, wearing a mask, so we can show you the studio (and take your temperature for COVID19 protocols; please review our COVID19 page)--
    • introduce you to the instructor,
    • show you where to put shoes (we are a barefoot friendly studio and ask you to take your shoes off once inside the frontier back door before walking across the studio),
    • cubbies and bathrooms
    • green drink bars, props, rooms and
    • answer any questions you may have, as well as get your paperwork filled out (just 1 page, front and back). 
  • Regular Drop-In Rate: $15
  • Aerial Drop-In Rate: $18
  • Kids Yoga & Dance *currently cancelled*
  • Who qualifies for $10 Drop-In? With Proper Work- Related Identification, and a Manager's signature (please arrive early and bring all necessary paperwork with you):  
    • Military Veterans: With a copy of military ID + current photo ID
    • Registered Yoga Teachers: Bring a copy of your teaching certificate to your first class and we will upload to your account.
    • Fire Fighters, and Police Officers: Proper Identification, photo ID and a copy of Badge/Name-- please bring upon your first time visiting Yoga Pulse Studio!
     Class Packs: All Packs Expire After 1 Year
        Save 5% off your next Class Pack purchase (and keep the easy-breezy process for checking in) when you purchase with a minimum of 2 classes left on your current Class Pack. Offer only stands for those that purchase with 2 or more classes left to go.
  • 10 class package $125 
  • 20 class package $240
  • 30 class package $345 *can share class passes with 1 person
  • 50 class package $600 *can share passes with 2 people
  • 1 Year of Yoga  for  $950.00 
Single Membership Options
   1 Month Unlimited Membership: $130   
   *Includes free mat rentals, hot yoga towel rentals              and complimentary shower + towel.
   Monthly AutoPay: 12 Membership $93.00 
     Unlimited Yoga, includes Aerial Yoga. Members of this 12 month Membership receive complimentary Auto-Renewal at the end of month 12. All Clients with this Membership will receive a 10% discount off Specialty Classes and Workshops.
    3 Months, Advance: 90 Classes in 90 Days, just $240
   Winter Visitors Option: 2 Weeks at $45 (see front desk, must provide your photo and state ID for your account)
Membership Account Suspension:
We can place a temporary "Hold" AKA Account Suspension for any client that has a Membership. Account Suspensions can be for 2 reasons: an injury, and/or is leaving the country to travel/work. First, we need to receive a copy of a Doctor's Note on official letterhead, or another form of proof of injury-- this can include an official written report with findings from a scan or bloodwork. For travel or work-related events, please provide a travel itinerary or official form of work notice to add to our records.

Yoga Pulse Studio Cancellation policy:

*Cancellation Policies for Memberships & Contracts:

  • Cannot Cancel, Refund or Terminate 1st Payment/1st Month (goes for ALL payment plans/Memberships/Contracts)

  • We do not Reimburse, Trade or Refund the first 3 months of any Memberships

  • We do not Reimburse, Trade or Refund Class Packs. *Though some Class Packs may be shared

  • 30 Days Advanced Notice required. E-mail Cancellation Request/Notice to: Hello@YogaPulseStudio.com      

 Clients may also hand write a note or type and submit in-studio to one of our Administrators or Managers only. This letter will include the accurate date, name, Membership name, AutoPay Due Date, and photo ID card with a signature. Hand-written or typed notes are allowed, but can only be accepted by our Administrative Team, and must be Approved by the Owner or Manager(s).  

Yoga Pulse Studio does NOT accept, nor have we ever accepted verbal Cancellation requests. Teachers are not allowed to receive Account Suspension or Cancellation Requests from students/clients. Verbally telling a studio team member will NOT suffice. Refunds are not promised, are decided on a case-by-case basis with discretion and special consideration from Yoga Pulse Studio Management.



Why e-mail? Then we can keep track of the record, for yourself and us! Hand Written or Typed Requests are scanned and uploaded to the Client's Profile.




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