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Yoga Pulse Staff & Teachers

At Yoga Pulse Studio, all of our staff and teachers have quality training and experience. We've included this Bio section so you can get to know our teachers! We have a diverse group of lovely yoga instructors and an awesome team of staff!

Ali Shore Hansen, BA, MAS-IFP, RYT
Founder/Owner | Possibility Cultivator | Teacher

      "I have been practicing yoga since 2005 when I opted to take yoga in lieu of P.E.. I enjoyed the physical benefits and continued to use yoga as a supplemental workout to running, ballet, weight lifting and hiking. Throughout college, I bounced around from studio to studio trying out every style. During my Masters program, I began to see the spiritual, mental, and emotional difference that yoga had brought into my life and my work with families and their children at-risk for Developmental Delay & Disability.

      By 2011, I had a rigorous daily yoga practice. I eventually took the leap and completed my RYT-200 (Hatha, & Christian Style, with Anusara influence). I love introducing people to yoga, meditation, and breathwork; breaking away from stereotypes and allowing people to see yoga through their own eyes. The benefits are endless and I enjoy being a catalyst through which each individual finds whatever they're looking for on and off the mat-- it is your practice, so it should look like you- not me! My goal is to always support my clients and students in the way that they need."

I have 6 Autoimmune Conditions and have found that Yoga is one of the greatest ways to keep myself empowered, happy, healthy, enthusiastic about life, and whole.

I often incorporate sound healing by way of live Crystal Singing Bowls and a Hand Drum. They assists in releasing blocks (mental, emotional and physical), circulating the energy, and facilitating a deeper yoga experience. 

**Currently getting  another RYT-200 in Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan)


  • Tuesday, 9:00am Inspired Flow (All Levels)

  • Tuesday, 7:30pm Yin (All Levels)

  • Thursday, 9:00am Inspired Flow (All Levels)

  • Sunday, 1:15pm Community Class 

Zarah Ajmi ,

General Manager / Office Manager, RYT-800, Yoga Pulse Teacher 

     Zarah is what some might refer to as a "magical human-being". This mama, of [soon-to-be] 4 kiddos, manages an entire household and keeps the good vibes flowing at Yoga Pulse! Knowledgeable and wise beyond her years, she is always there to help, support, encourage, and provide a positive space for you to authentically exist as you are. When it comes to holding space for others, she goes above and beyond! When she's not making magical aroma therapy blends, helping our clients,  playing Crystal Singing Bowls to align the chakras, teaching Yoga Nidra, and seeking out community projects-- she's a badass mama! Zarah loves to go to the lake and spend time in nature with her children.

She recently hoped a fence to save a child from drowning and was awarded for her courage by the city council. If super-humans exist, Zarah is definitely one of them! 
(Zarah is pronounced like "Sarah" but with a 'Z')

Emily O'Brien, RYT-400
Yoga Pulse Studio Blogger, Lead  Administrator & Yoga Teacher
Sean SheltonRYT
YPS, Yoga Pulse Studio Teacher, Staff Management


  • Monday, 11:00am Power Flow

  • Tuesday, 6:30pm Ashtanga Yoga: Led Primary Series

  • Wednesday, 11:00am Power Flow

  • Wednesday, 6:15pm Ashtanga Yoga Intro

  • Thursday, 6:30pm Ashtanga Yoga: Led Primary Series

  • Friday, 11:00am Power Flow

Lisa van Leeuwen,

RYT-500, Yoga Pulse Studio Teacher


New to the practice of yoga?  No problem! Lisa van Leeuwen loves to help remove the intimidation of yoga by taking a back to the basics approach & focusing on proper alignment.  Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned yogi, Lisa’s class will help you better understand the postures so you can feel confident in your physical practice so you can tap into the deeper benefits of yoga.


Lisa completed her Yoga Teacher Training at the Southwest Institute for the Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ.  Since completing her 200-HR certification, Lisa has collaborated with experts in yoga, massage, chiropractic and physical therapy to expand her knowledge base.   Her classes focus on building core strength, increasing flexibility and helping you understand modifications for your body to avoid injury.


Her goal as a teacher is to create a fun, safe space where students feel comfortable exploring the edges of their minds and bodies.  “Yoga has changed how I look at my comfort zone.  I used to stay in my nice little box where I was safe, anxious and bored.  I thought stepping outside of my comfort zone would add more stress to my life but it did the exact opposite.  It’s been exhilarating, freeing and continues to help me grow in ways I never imagined.  I look forward to continuing to push myself on the mat and in life and hope to do the same for my students.” – Lisa



  • Monday 8am Heated Flow (All Levels)

Noell Hyman, RYT
 Yoga Pulse Studio Teacher
Noell Hyman came to yoga while recovering from a dance injury, and found that the practice gave her many of the rewards that dancing gave her, but in a way that felt more healing and whole. Later, with the guidance and suggestion of a physical therapist, she used yoga to improve chronic breathing, nerve, and spine problems. Now she combines her knowledge and experience from dance training and physical therapy with her yoga teacher training to guide students through a balanced yoga practice that feels artful, meditative, challenging, fun, and healing. She infuses her passion for exploring the paths our bodies can take as we grow into postures; the art of using core strength and mental focus to smoothly glide with control from one pose to the next; the power of breath and movement to soothe the nerves and create a strong, stable body and mind.​
  • Monday 6:00pm Heated Flow

Christina Carroll, RYT

RYT, Yoga Pulse Studio Teacher

     I discovered yoga in 2008 as a means of building strength and increasing flexibility, but in 2015 yoga discovered me as means of healing during a painful season. The impact yoga had in my life was so profound that I was inspired to become a Registered Yoga Teacher and completed my 200 hour in 2016. My philosophy has become: "if you have breath in your lungs then yoga is for you because EVERY. BODY. BENDS." It's my heart to shatter the stigmas of yoga and share my passion through teaching about the many benefits it has physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally on our health and wellbeing. It's important that we understand the power of our breath to destress, find peace and build strength. Connecting your breath to movement helps you to face yourself right where you are and learn to love yourself and embrace your journey as you get to where you want to be. I'm honored to be a part of the YPS Team and share with you the many benefits yoga has to offer both on and off the mat! 


      Married to my high school sweetheart, mama to 3 amazing teens, worship leader, lover of coffee, sparkling water, gluten free bread, and all things yoga... these are a few of my favorite things!"




  • Monday, 5:00pm Level 1 Aerial Yoga "Grounded"

  • Monday, 6:15pm Buti Yoga

  • Tuesday, 9:15am Heated Flow

  • Thursday, 9:15am Heated Flow

  • Friday, 8:00am Heated Flow

  • Friday, 10:30am Level 1/2 Aerial Yoga

Jessica Monteggia ,

RYT, Yoga Pulse Studio



My name is Jessica and I am originally from Seattle, WA and have lived in Arizona for 2 years now (it's safe to say I will never go back to the rain). My yoga journey began in 2014, and quickly turned into my passion as I became an everyday yogi. In 2016 I made the best decision of my life, to become a certified yoga instructor. I am trained in Vinyasa Flow and always like to bring new sequences and challenges to my students on their mats! Yoga has healed and helped me grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. I get the most joy seeing my students experience the same benefits. What I love most about yoga is that your accomplishments on the mat can always translate to life off the mat. I am also passionate about holistic nutrition, and am currently in school to become a certified nutritionist. I believe wholeheartedly in the balance and synergy of our mind, body and spirit! I look forward to seeing you on the mat! Namaste.


  • Friday 6:00pm Heated Flow

  • Saturday 9:30am Heated Flow

  • Sunday 12:00pm Heated Flow

Alyssa Sofferin, RYT
RYT, Yoga Pulse Studio Teacher
My yoga journey began in 2015 when I decided to take a yoga class at my gym. Immediately my love for the practice was born! I constantly left class craving more and quickly began showing up at every yoga studio within 20 miles of my house so that I could do more yoga! I went on my first yoga hike in Sedona, AZ in 2016 and it was one of the best gifts I could have ever given myself. I immediately knew
that I had a passion inside of me to not only learn more about the philosophy and teachings of yoga but to share it with others who were just as curious as me. I began looking into YTT programs and one year later I completed my 200 hour YTT at Inner Vision Yoga in Tempe, AZ.

Yoga transformed my life in so many ways. It brought me back to my authentic self and I love seeing how yoga can transform people’s lives. I love seeing people realize their fullest potential and abilities on and off the mat.
I enjoy teaching beginner classes and showing beginner practitioners that yoga is for everybody! Regardless of weight, gender, height or age there truly is a style of yoga for everyone. I also love a heated flow! For me, there’s nothing better than sweating it out on the mat and detoxing the body.
The moment I walked into Yoga Pulse I knew I had found my yoga community. I set an intention to become a teacher at YPS and I watched it manifest and become a reality in my life. And for that I am truly grateful and blessed to be a part of such a loving yoga community.


  • Wednesday, 6:00pm Heated Flow

Nikki Izzo RYT 200

RYT, Yoga Pulse Teacher

Hi there! I’m Nikki. I just moved to Arizona : ) I’m from NY but over the last few years have split my time between LA and London. I’ve worked for nearly a decade as a fashion designer which has allowed me to live and explore beautiful places all of the world. I am so grateful for that journey as it brought me closer to my yoga practice.

Working in a corporate office can be very stressful and yoga has always been my outlet to destress before/after work. Throughout the years my practice has grown into much more than the asanas or poses- I’ve been able to deepen my meditation practice as well as following the yoga sutras which have allowed me to live more in the moment and truly appreciate the journey, not just the destination. 

I resigned from my corporate job and signed up for Yoga Teacher Training shortly thereafter. This practice, both on and off the mat has transformed my life and I am honored to be able to share it as a RYT.  


My class consists of all the things I’ve learned during my travels over the years 



“It's a funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. You'll realize what's changed is you.”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald


  • Tuesday, 5:00pm Heated Flow

  • Thursday, 5:00pm Heated Flow

Nelly, RYT

Yoga Teacher


Wednesday, 8:00am Heated Flow

Julie Hoffman, R.N. & RYT

Yoga Pulse Studio Teacher


Julie Hoffman has been studying yoga since 2002 and currently teaches prenatal,chair and gentle yoga classes in Phoenix and Casa Grande. Julie’s yoga journey has taken her from power yoga to yin and everywhere in between. She completed her 200-hour teacher training through Inner Vision Yoga, and is currently enrolled in their 300-hour course. Julie has been an RN for over 25 years, with eight of these

years spent providing care to women in Labor and Delivery. She has attended nearly 1000 deliveries. Julie’s nursing studies concluded with her completion of her doctoral degree in nursing practice, which she earned in 2012. Teaching prenatal yoga provides Julie with the opportunity to combine two of her passions by helping women have healthy pregnancies through the practice of yoga. She believes that

yoga should be accessible to persons at all stages of their lives, regardless of their physical abilities or limitations. This drew her to teach both chair yoga to seniors and gentle yoga to cancer survivors. As a karma yogini Julie has always sought out ways in which to serve her community. Using her skills as both a yoga teacher and

an RN gives Julie the gift of improving the health and well being of others.





  • Monday, 7:30pm Unheated Candlelight Yin

Victoria Cudjo, RYT

Yoga Pulse Teacher


I began my yoga practice in 2013, looking to deepen my flexibility and build strength. A few years later I became a contortionist, and wanted to become a yoga instructor to learn how to safely hold poses for performances and training, as well as learn the philosophy behind the tradition of yoga.  I received my YTT 200 certificate to teach Hatha Yoga from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe. I was quickly drawn toward Yoga Nidra after my YTT ended, and continued my training with Kamini Desai to become an I AM certified Yoga Nidra instructor.  




Yoga has been an incredible blessing in my life, and has helped me expand as a stage performer, a musician, and a student.  In my spare time I sing in a Kirtan group, and I enjoy bringing the ancient chants I’ve learned into my yoga nidra classes to help create a peaceful and soothing space.  My main goal is to provide comfort, safety, and an overall sense of physical, mental, and spiritual healing for my students each time they come to their mats. 


  • Wednesday 12pm:  Restorative Yoga

  • Friday 12pm: Yoga Nidra

Dawn McGill, RYT

RYT, Yoga Pulse Studio

Dawn had practiced yoga on and off for 10 years before making a strong, passionate and life-changing commitment to "life on the mat". She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training June 6, 2016 and her Yin Yoga training June 19, 2016  through The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in Tempe, Arizona. Dawn also is a Hatha Gong Master, receiving certification and training through The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (February 2017), is registered through the Yoga Alliance (RYT 200) and holds a Primary Yoga t raining certificate from Fitour.


An experienced Yoga Instructor, Dawn has taught yoga at the Kingman Fitness and Racquet Club, Kingman, Arizona ( 2012-2015 ), the Arizona Athletic Training Center, Gilbert, Arizona ( 2016-2017), YouFit Club, Gilbert, Arizona (2015-17 closed now), Floating Lotus, Mesa, Arizona  (2017 closed now) and currently teaches at Yoga Pulse Studio in Mesa, Arizona.


Trained in the philosophy of Unity Yoga, Dawn blends her style of yoga into mind, body, and spirit unification (Unity Yoga) with a heightened awareness of the healing and calming power of music. Her goal for all students is "to reach a sense of effort and ease within the mind and body while paying homage to one's spirit." She challenges the student to

Stretch .... Relax .... Strengthen .... Love yourself!

Having spent her professional career in the field of education and educational administration, Dawn brings to the mat her life experience of speaking to and teaching groups of any size from Kindergarten through adult.


In her spare time, Dawn works as a consultant for Bull Mountain Positive Education Consultants mentoring student teachers and new administrators. She is a r.a.d.KIDS   (Resisting Aggression Defensively) instructor, a trainer of Tribes and cooperative learning styles and SWIS (School Wide Information System), a behavior tracking and positive reinforcement program allowing school administrators the opportunity to guide students to success through positive reinforcement.


  • Saturday, 11:00am GLOW (Hatha Flow + Chakra Activation using the Gong)

  • Friday, 9:00am Inspired Flow

  • Substitute Teaches Foundations In Flow and Inspired Flow

342 N. Val Vista Dr.

Suite #102

Mesa, AZ 85213


Ph: 480-459-5444



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