Yoga Pulse Staff & Teachers

At Yoga Pulse Studio, all of our staff and teachers have quality training and experience. We've included this Bio section so you can get to know our teachers! We have a diverse group of lovely yoga instructors and an awesome team of staff!

Ali Shore Hansen, BA, MAS-IFP, RYT, Reiki Level 2 Certified
Founder/Owner | Possibility Cultivator | Teacher

      "I have been practicing yoga since 2005 when I opted to take yoga in lieu of P.E.. I enjoyed the physical benefits and continued to use yoga as a supplemental workout to running, ballet, weight lifting and hiking. Throughout college, I bounced around from studio to studio trying out every style. During my Masters program, I began to see the spiritual, mental, and emotional difference that yoga had brought into my life and my work with families and their children at-risk for Developmental Delay & Disability.

      By 2011, I had a rigorous daily yoga practice. I eventually took the leap and completed my RYT-200 (Hatha, & Christian Style, with Anusara influence). I love introducing people to yoga, meditation, and breathwork; breaking away from stereotypes and allowing people to see yoga through their own eyes. The benefits are endless and I enjoy being a catalyst through which each individual finds whatever they're looking for on and off the mat-- it is your practice, so it should look like you- not me! My goal is to always support my clients and students in the way that they need."

I have 8 Autoimmune Conditions and have found that Yoga is one of the greatest ways to keep myself empowered, happy, healthy, enthusiastic about life, and whole.

I incorporate sound healing by way of live Crystal Singing Bowls and a Hand Drum. They assists in releasing blocks (mental, emotional and physical), circulating the energy, and facilitating a deeper yoga experience. 


  • Tuesday, 9:15am-10:30am Inspired Flow (All Levels) with Sound Healing Savasana

  • Thursday, 9:15am-10:30am Inspired Flow (All Levels) with Sound Healing Savasana

Lynnsey Bonin, RYT
Interim GM & Yoga Pulse Studio Teacher 


  • Wednesday, Candlelight Yin + Meditation & Sound Healing @ 7:30pm

  • Thursday, Candlelight Yin + Meditation & Sound Healing @ 7:30pm​


Skyy Contreras, RYT

Yoga Pulse Studio Administrator & Teacher


Monday, 7:30pm-8:30pm Meditate & Be

Friday, 8:00am Heated Vinyasa Flow

Saturday, 9:30am Heated Vinyasa Flow


Samantha (Sam) Lowe, RYT

Yoga Pulse Studio Teacher


  • Thursday, Heated Flow @ 9:00am


Nelly Perumean, RYT

Yoga Pulse Studio Teacher

     Nelly’s love for yoga started under the teaching of her 76 year old instructor who inspired her to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. As yoga began to integrate into many parts of her life, she became certified to teach in 2010 and hasn’t stopped. Her teaching focuses on a love-based approach, connecting with students to guide them to their full potential. Whether a gentle, advanced class, or anything in between, many variations are offered for students to find their edge. She understands how to help students close the gap between where they currently are and where they want to go. 


With 15+ years in corporate Learning and Development, her passion for disseminating knowledge spread from the corporate world to yoga studio. Nelly has consulted with various studios to design and develop Yoga Teacher Training programs for 200-hour and 300-hour certifications as well as facilitate these programs. Nelly holds a BS in Accounting, MA in Adult Education and Training, and ERYT-500 Yoga Alliance certification.


Monday, 10:00am Power Flow


Leah Boddeker, RYT

Yoga Pulse Studio Teacher


Laura Carpenter, RYT

Yoga Pulse Studio Teacher

"I am an Arizona native, homeschooling mom of three, and wife to my love of 20 years. Yoga was first introduced to me in college when, after only one class, I promptly swore I’d never go back! Fortunately, years later, my friend invited me to try it one more time and I’ve never looked back. I have now been practicing over ten years and I completed YTT at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2017. I joined the classes to deepen my own practice and found that I really love teaching and sharing the benefits of yoga with others. I practice focus and flexibility in mind and body and love that yoga carries me to a place of stillness, in restorative and power classes alike. I believe that EVERY BODY can benefit from yoga and enjoy seeing students practice at their own level. I am honored and blessed to be a part of Yoga Pulse Studio!"




Take time to do what makes your soul happy. 


  • Monday, 9:15am Feel Good Unheated Flow

  • Wednesday, 9:15am Feel Good Unheated Flow 


Jessica Monteggia, RYT

 Yoga Pulse Studio Teacher

My name is Jessica and I am originally from Seattle, WA and have lived in Arizona for 2 years now (it's safe to say I will never go back to the rain). My yoga journey began in 2014, and quickly turned into my passion as I became an everyday yogi. In 2016 I made the best decision of my life, to become a certified yoga instructor. I am trained in Vinyasa Flow and always like to bring new sequences and challenges to my students on their mats! Yoga has healed and helped me grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. I get the most joy seeing my students experience the same benefits. What I love most about yoga is that your accomplishments on the mat can always translate to life off the mat. I am also passionate about holistic nutrition, and am currently in school to become a certified nutritionist. I believe wholeheartedly in the balance and synergy of our mind, body and spirit! I look forward to seeing you on the mat! Namaste.


Sunday 10:30am & 12:00pm Heated Flow


Jess Itami, RYT

Yoga Pulse Studio Teacher


     Aloha! My name is Jessica Rose Itami (call me Jess)! I have had the lovely privilege of growing up on the west coast, living in Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California. I love meeting new people, traveling and helping others build great ideas and feeding the potential within. My goal each day is to continue inspiring myself and bringing others along on this journey to magnificent greatness! I believe that we must all live life to the fullest and free ourselves from attachment and distraction in order to truly see the clear vision of our purpose here on earth. I’m so grateful for my yoga, meditation, reiki and sound healing practices and absolutely love how these tools and philosophies have assisted me in my process of seeking after my innermost self. These tools have helped shape and mold me into the very person I am today and with that, I am so excited to share my experience with all and everyone I meet! Blessings!


- Jess xx


  • Monday, 7:30pm Meditation

  • Tuesday, 7:00pm Meditation Breath-work and Sound Healing 

  • Thursday, 10:45am Restorative Yoga

  • Sunday, 3:30pm Sound Bath Bliss

Meagghi Bitz, RYT

Yoga Pulse Studio Teacher


  • Tuesday, Heated Flow @ 9:00am & 5:00pm

  • Thursday, Heated Flow @ 5:00pm

  • Subs other Heated Flow Classes

Sean Shelton, RYT
Yoga Pulse Studio: Teacher, Yoga Educator 


  • Monday, 5:30pm- 7:00pm Ashtanga Primary 

  • Wednesday, 10:00am Power Flow

  • Thursday, 5:30pm-7pm Ashtanga Led Primary Series

Stacey Scibelli, RYT
Yoga Pulse Studio: Teacher
Wednesday, New to Yoga @ 8:00am