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Have questions, comments, and/or suggestions? Or just want to tell us which class(es), and teachers you love? Suggest a workshop? We do care to know about our communities wants and needs. Please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! 

Yoga Pulse Studio

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Business Hours:

Studio Phone: 480-459-5444

Monday                               6:15am  -  1:15pm  &  

                                                  4:15pm  -  9:00pm


Tuesday                                8:45am  -  10:45am  &   

                                                   4:15pm  -  9:00pm


Wednesday                        7:45am  -  1:15pm  &  

                                                   4:15pm  -  9:00pm


Thursday                              8:45am  -  10:45am  &  

                                                    4:15pm -  9:00pm


 Friday                                     7:45am  -  1:15pm  &

                                                    5:45pm -  7:15pm


 Saturday                              7:45am  -  12:15am

                                                   * Check calendar for workshops


 Sunday                                 11:45pm -  5:00pm

We are closed during the day, in the early afternoon. If you cannot reach us, please send an e-mail to: Hello@YogaPulseStudio.com

342 N. Val Vista Dr.

Suite #102

Mesa, AZ 85213


Ph: 480-459-5444



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