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The Ultimate Seer

Inside everyone is deep, potent, pure presence. The Ultimate Seer. It exists underneath our fears, anxieties, trauma, pain, and stories we tell ourselves. It’s always there, beneath the noise of everyday life, listening and watching, completely untouched by the ups and downs of being human.

I imagine it as a small, bright white ball of light in the darkest depths of a stormy, chaotic ocean. If you can become quiet and still enough, the light will float to the top and flood your consciousness. And when that happens, you’ll have your answer.

Whatever it is you needed to know, you’ll know.

All the answers are inside. The trick is learning how to discern between your own stories and your Ultimate Seer— and then to continue to connect to and strengthen that wisdom so that you can confidently trust your intuition in all you do. So that that ball of light can exist a little closer to the surface.

No one knows what’s right for you. You don’t know what’s right for everyone. No one is done learning. You’re not better and neither are they. We all gotta do the work.

Join me if you want.

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