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Secrets to a Strong Practice

Noel teaches Heated Flow Monday nights at 6pm

What makes a strong yoga practice? Here’s three tips that when taken to heart will surely aid you on the yoga journey.

Consistency: Lets just be honest, in order to see the real health benefits of yoga in your body, mind, and heart, you have to be dedicated to practicing. Regularly. For a long, long time. You have to be in it for the long-haul if you want the deep seated results that yoga can bring to you.

Adaptability: We should practice in a way that brings joy, peace, balance, and health into our lives. Our yoga practice should serve our wellbeing. A strong yoga practice is one that continues to serve us throughout the different phases of our life. As life shifts, the yoga practice should also in such a way that continues to bring balance and clarity into our focus.

Never stop learning: Keep an open mind! The moment you think you know it all is the moment you need to drop everything you think you know. To have a strong yoga practice you need to stay curious and humble. Your knowledge will evolve as your yoga practice does, and you always need to go back to re-evaluate what you’ve learned.

Sending you all the support and love wherever you are on the path back to yourSelf! See you on the mat <3

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