3 Household Swaps for Greener Living (and Save $$!)

I’ve been on the wellness lifestyle bandwagon for quite a while now, but once I became pregnant with Connor, that clean, natural living really magnetized. Now, some of those things I did while pregnant I sort of let fall by the wayside in the new stages of motherhood (for example, making my own shampoo and deodorant… although I do foresee a coming full circle with that in the future), some of the changes really stuck. And they have truly improved my life, so I’m sharing them with you today. Three simple shifts to make in your home for a cleaner way of life… and save money! +Throw out chemical cleaners and switch to Dr. Bronner’s for everything. I mean everything. You can use these soaps to

Pumpkin Spice Turmeric Latte

With the holiday season in full blast, we are constantly surrounded by all the goodies; Christmas cookies, pumpkin pie, egg nog, you name it. We can’t seem to go anywhere these days without being bombarded by the ever so tempting sugary treats. But what about those of us who don’t want to completely lose sight of our health goals during the holiday season? Can’t we have some health conscious sweet treats to indulge in? Well, that’s where I come in. Every weekend rounding up to Christmas Day, I’ll be posting a delicious holiday treat for you to indulge in... sans the guilt. You are welcome. So this weekend I present to you.... The Pumpkin Spice Turmeric Latte As many of you already know, I lo

Attitude of Gratitude

Photo by Sean Shelton @capturedconnections, Featured Yogi CJ Kessler @cj_yogidiver Gratitude may just be one of the most powerful emotions we humans possess. It improves our heath, relieves stress, aids in productivity and is a key factor in successful careers. It strengthens relationships with our family and friends as well as ourselves, and makes us happier humans overall. The more we focus on all the blessings in our life, little or small, the more there is to be grateful for. Basically everyday we are handed a plate of situations, and we decide how we are going to react to them. Some of us live life in a relatively constant state of positivity while others view everything quite negativel

Understanding Niyamas: Santosha

Imagine a neighborhood. The sun has set and the moon is bright, and everyone has fallen idly asleep. It’s peaceful, quiet, and so very still. Then imagine a huge train. Like, a really big, obnoxiously long train. There’s graffiti smothered over every inch of the dirty boxcars, shrill whistling floods your ears, the rattly engine shakes the entire ground, and this giant heap of inconvenient distraction is trail blazing through your neighborhood at full force. And, of course, it wakes you up. You’re beyond bothered. You march into the crisp outside air and you stop that demon of a train mid-track. You complain to the conductor about the inopportune timing and demand he turn the train around im

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