Eat Like a Yogi

Yoga is a beautiful practice defined in the Sutras as "the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind," or simply, bringing the mind into focus and quieting the distractions that keep us from seeing and experiencing life clearly and gracefully. Yoga teaches us to connect deeply with our own body, our own nature, our own Self. The wisdom is within us. When we're able to tap into the wisdom of the body and spirit, all our decisions align with our highest Self. That includes our food choices. Intuitive Eating is based on the idea that your body is always communicating to you. It's a practice of tapping into the wisdom of your body, which is always telling you what it needs for optimal health, we

Pose of the Day: Downward Facing Dog

Arguably one of the most practiced yoga poses across the board, downward dog is a staple in any asana practice. It gently opens the calves, hamstrings, chest, and shoulders while lengthening the spine and neutralizing the nervous system. Down dog is a go-to for me when I just need to hop into a pose and breathe deeply. It gets me out of my head and into my body without much effort. How to do downward facing dog: Start from a table top position (hands and knees) and then lift your knees off the ground, straightening into the legs. Reach your sits bones up toward the sky and draw your heels down toward the ground (it’s okay if they don’t touch the ground yet). Do your best to keep your shoulde

Hot Cardamom Cacao Milk

It's finally Autumn and that means it's time for delicious and nutritious hot drinks galore! This cardamom cacao milk is perfect if you're in the mood for something thick, creamy, and chocolatey. Plus it's totally packed full of amazing health benefits that will keep you going all day long! Cardamom, known as the queen of spices, is an herb used very generously in Ayurveda (India's traditional science of life and medicine, aka the sister science of yoga) as a remedy for high blood pressure, indigestion, poor circulation, and inflammation, among many others. It also has anti-depressant qualities, has been shown to relieve anxiety, and improve memory and focus. Plus the taste is out of this wo

Eye Yoga for Improved Vision

Have you ever heard of the Bates Method? It’s new to me and I’m fascinated. The general idea (and I’m totally paraphrasing) is that contrary to popular belief, our eyesight CAN improve— naturally and drastically. The Bates Method has brought many, many people with bad eyesight (prescriptions in the negatives, stigmatism, poor eyesight since elementary school, etc.) back to total 20/20 vision. So cool right?! The philosophy behind the Bate’s Method: your eyes, just like any other part of your body, have the ability to totally heal and regenerate themselves. They need to work, stretch, and relax just like the rest of our muscles. According to Dr. Bates, our vision becomes blurry due to poor vi

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