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Full Moon Feels

The full moon is known to be a time of ripening/fruition, celebration, and completion. Many times, this is when things you’ve been working on in your life will manifest into reality or you’ll start to see the beginning pieces of your goals fall into place. Light sheds onto the parts of our psyche that maybe we’d prefer to keep in the shadows. If we’ve been avoiding anything, it may very well come to a head at this point in the lunar cycle. Full moons tend to bring heightened emotions, intuition, and sensitivity into our experiences. We may feel uneasy or restless for seemingly no apparent reason. The more we follow the moon’s cycles and put rituals and practices into place that align us with the nature of the moon, the more harmony we’ll experience in our life. The more success we’ll see in our hopes and dreams. We’ll be better able to listen closely to ourselves and follow the signs we’re given.

We have a full moon coming up this Friday September 13th and it’s going to be an intense one! If you read my last post about Virgo season, you’ll know that the sun is still in earthy, analytical Virgo (until the 23rd), so that’s sort of the drop back of our experiences right now, but this particular full moon will be adorned with the energy of watery, dreamy Pisces.

With this full moon in Pisces, expect to have some super great insight, creative ideas, heightened empathy (and more intense emotions in general), and clearer communication with your higher Self.

It’s important with every full (and new) moon to slow things down, venture inward and take inventory of your world. Notice how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sit in meditation and take note of what comes up. Journal. Pray. Move your body, clear out your energy. Get outside and bathe under the moon. Empty yourself of the old cycle and refill with new potential.

We hope you come to our Full Moon Ceremony at Yoga Pulse this Friday September 13th, 7:30pm! It’s going to be magical. Sign up here!

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