Secrets to a Strong Practice

Noel teaches Heated Flow Monday nights at 6pm What makes a strong yoga practice? Here’s three tips that when taken to heart will surely aid you on the yoga journey. Consistency: Lets just be honest, in order to see the real health benefits of yoga in your body, mind, and heart, you have to be dedicated to practicing. Regularly. For a long, long time. You have to be in it for the long-haul if you want the deep seated results that yoga can bring to you. Adaptability: We should practice in a way that brings joy, peace, balance, and health into our lives. Our yoga practice should serve our wellbeing. A strong yoga practice is one that continues to serve us throughout the different phases of our

Pose of the Day: Warrior Three

Warrior Three, or Virabhadrasana C Photo of Alyssa, Heated Flow Wednesdays @ 6pm This advanced balancing pose is great for building strength in the feet and ankles, legs, hips, gluteus muscles, core and back muscles. It improves balance, mental focus and awareness of the physical body. To start, spread the toes and ground down through all corners of the left foot. Lean your torso forward as you float your back leg behind you. Keep the floating leg active and strong, and make an active decision with your foot - ie either fully flex or point it. Stretch your arms out straight forward, biceps by the ears but shoulders drawing down the back. Spread and activate the fingers. *You can also take th

The Ultimate Seer

Inside everyone is deep, potent, pure presence. The Ultimate Seer. It exists underneath our fears, anxieties, trauma, pain, and stories we tell ourselves. It’s always there, beneath the noise of everyday life, listening and watching, completely untouched by the ups and downs of being human. I imagine it as a small, bright white ball of light in the darkest depths of a stormy, chaotic ocean. If you can become quiet and still enough, the light will float to the top and flood your consciousness. And when that happens, you’ll have your answer. Whatever it is you needed to know, you’ll know. All the answers are inside. The trick is learning how to discern between your own stories and your Ultimat

Benefits of Lavender

Lavender has been used for centuries in traditional, folk, natural, and holistic medicine as a remedy for so many different disorders. It’s commonly used today to treat depression, anxiety, inflammation, and skin problems. On a spiritual level lavender is used for quieting the mind, bringing us into the present moment, purifying our physical space, and connecting more greatly to our higher Self. It aids us in spiritual healing and soothing our energy. Here’s some reasons you may want to incorporate lavender into your own life: Relieves stress and anxiety, calms the nervous system Balances endocrine system to help lower levels of stress hormones in the body. High in antioxidants, reduces bloo

Full Moon Feels

The full moon is known to be a time of ripening/fruition, celebration, and completion. Many times, this is when things you’ve been working on in your life will manifest into reality or you’ll start to see the beginning pieces of your goals fall into place. Light sheds onto the parts of our psyche that maybe we’d prefer to keep in the shadows. If we’ve been avoiding anything, it may very well come to a head at this point in the lunar cycle. Full moons tend to bring heightened emotions, intuition, and sensitivity into our experiences. We may feel uneasy or restless for seemingly no apparent reason. The more we follow the moon’s cycles and put rituals and practices into place that align us with

The Search Engine that Plants Trees

Have you heard of this search engine? For roughly every 45 searches through the browser Ecosia, they plant a tree 🌲🌱💚 You can download the app for free and use it like any other web browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) except with every search, you’re making a positive impact on the environment. 🌳 🌳 🌳 It’s the seemingly little things you do every day that add up to create huge outcomes. This is probably the easiest, smallest step you can take right now. The earth and I will thank you for it 🌍💚✌️ #ecofriendly #plantatree #ecosia #savetheplanet

Themes of Virgo Season

Happy Virgo Season, Yogis! Summer is coming to an end and we’re beginning to feel Autumn around the corner (first official day of fall is September 23rd). In Arizona, its a little more subtle, but the shift is still happening. You may have noticed the sun rises a little later and night creeps in a little sooner, for instance. September instigates a transition, not just in nature’s turntables but also in our own lives and daily habits. As humans we’re affected by the seasons and planets— perhaps more than we realise. Virgo season is from August 23-September 22 so we’re pretty much in the midst of it now. The more we can consciously align ourselves with the cycles of the earth, the moon, and p

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