3 Easy Ways to a Healthier You

Hey Yogis, I think we all know there is no fast track to health and wellness. It takes daily dedication to make healthy decisions for our body and mind. When embarking on the journey toward health, it's best to take baby steps. We're much more likely to see amazing results by making one or two small, easy improvements at a time rather than overwhelming ourselves by jumping in headfirst. If we want to bring about solid change, we simply need to plant the seeds, water them daily, and in due time our life will blossom. 1. Sole water. Hydration is a key ingredient in overall health. We need to water ourselves properly. Surprisingly, just drinking a bunch of water isn't actually enough. So every

Getting Real with Ashtanga

Cows on the streets in Mysore, India. <3 I started practicing yoga when I was 19 and I found Ashtanga at 22. I knew right after my first led primary class that it was what I’d been searching for. I needed that deeper level of challenge and authenticity. Ashtanga cuts through the bullsh*t and forces you to face every side of yourself. It's not easy and it's not always fun. If I’m being honest sometimes I hate it! But the thing is... it WORKS. I’m such a better person for it. I’ve gained immense amounts of strength, integrity, discipline, compassion, awareness, connection, patience, discernment, confidence, and peace because of Ashtanga. And I’m only 26, so I’ve only just skimmed the surface o

Understanding Bandhas

Maha Bandha practiced in Padmasana, Lotus Postition by Emily O'Brien Photo by Sean Shelton *** “Mastery of the bandhas leads to the fullest realization of our potential.” -Swami Buddhananda, Moola Bandha, The Master Key *** Granthis are psychic knots that block man’s ability to see his true essential nature (as Buddha said, we have clay over the eyes which keeps us from experiencing our own innate peace). Bandhas were prescribed to yogis as an incredibly effective way to remove those granthis, allowing us to expand our consciousness and see our pure, true nature. Bandhas tone, massage, and stimulate the inner organs and muscles, leading to increased blood supply and removal of toxins from th

The Way

Photo taken in Mysore, India Musashi Miamoto was a Samurai who lived in the 1700s and made his mark in history when he left behind a book titled The Complete Book of the Five Rings, which lays down the concept of Bushido, or The Way of the Warrior. What is interesting about the method in which he writes is that it is short and simple, but he always asks the reader to reflect deeply on what he is saying. What he points out has resonated with me heavily and ties very well into the concepts of the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. Musashi goes to great lengths to illustrate that there is no difference in “The Way” of the Warrior and “The Way” of the Carpenter. “The Way” is “The Yoga.” In his book he de

Tristhana, What Every Yogi Needs to Know

*** In every vinyasa practice, there are three main points of focus that are necessary in order to deepen, grow, and steady the mind-body-spirit. In Sanskrit this word is called “tristhana.” It literally means “three standing points” and should be at the forefront of your awareness throughout your entire practice on the mat. Breath: We’re always coming back to the breath in yoga. It’s not only the foundation for life itself, it is one of the most fundamental parts of the yoga practice. The breath is always true to the present moment. When we bring our mind to focus on the breath, we are able to drop back into the present and check in with our physical self at any given moment. In vinyasa yog

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