Benefits of Lavender

Lavender has been used for centuries in traditional, folk, natural, and holistic medicine as a remedy for so many different disorders. It’s commonly used today to treat depression, anxiety, inflammation, and skin problems. On a spiritual level lavender is used for quieting the mind, bringing us into the present moment, purifying our physical space, and connecting more greatly to our higher Self. It aids us in spiritual healing and soothing our energy.

Here’s some reasons you may want to incorporate lavender into your own life:

Relieves stress and anxiety, calms the nervous system

Balances endocrine system to help lower levels of stress hormones in the body.

High in antioxidants, reduces blood pressure, lowers risk of stroke and heart attack

Supports a healthy immune system

Reduces inflammation

Relieves irritated skin from bug bites, eczema, some forms of acne, etc.

Antiseptic properties fight infections, help heal wounds

Calms upset stomach, relieves digestive issues like bloating, and eases menstrual cramping

Ways to use lavender:

Make a Lavender Bath: You can make a bath tea by taking dried lavender flowers (easily available at your local herb shop or online if you don’t have access to an actual plant for harvesting). You can either brew the lavender in your French press and pour the tea into your bath or place the lavender into a satchel/tea bag and let it brew directly in the tub!

Brew Lavender Tea: You can add other herbs into the mix as well. Skullcap, rose, chamomile are all good options to start with.

Rub Lavender essential oil (mixed with a carrier oil) on bottoms of feet, ear lobes, or temples. Sometimes I put coconut oil and lavender on the bottom of Connor’s feet before bed to help him simmer down for sleep.

Diffuse lavender oil in your essential oil diffuser: Your whole house will smell like a delicious yoga sanctuary and everyone will love you for it.

Burn a lavender smudge stick: Just like you would with a sage stick. Many lavender smudge sticks will also have other herbs in it as well like sage or cedar or rosemary, making it even more potent. Smudging is a ritual used by humans throughout history for spiritual cleansing, purity, and blessings.

Lavender is a classic, all-time favorite of mine. I hope this post inspires you to incorporate more lavender into your life and experience all the amazing benefits it has to offer you!

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