Eat Like a Yogi

Yoga is a beautiful practice defined in the Sutras as "the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind," or simply, bringing the mind into focus and quieting the distractions that keep us from seeing and experiencing life clearly and gracefully. Yoga teaches us to connect deeply with our own body, our own nature, our own Self. The wisdom is within us.

When we're able to tap into the wisdom of the body and spirit, all our decisions align with our highest Self. That includes our food choices.

Intuitive Eating is based on the idea that your body is always communicating to you. It's a practice of tapping into the wisdom of your body, which is always telling you what it needs for optimal health, wellness, and overall balance.

Not everyone should be vegan. Not everyone should eat meat. Not everyone needs to be gluten or dairy free. And not everyone needs to commit to one of the above labels 100% of the time. But if you do identify as one of those and feel totally healthy and happy, great!

Intuitive Eating doesn't follow any specific diet, rules, restrictions. It's unbiased and totally based on the individual connecting deeply to their own physical and spiritual nature in the present moment. Because eating is a sacred, spiritual practice, too.

Here's an easy way to try this: before you eat anything, take a few full, deep breaths. In your mind, do a body scan from your toes to your head. Ask yourself, "What do I really need right here, right now? For this meal, and only this meal, what is my body asking for?"

It can take some time to get to the root of your body's true desires, especially in a culture of highly processed, addictive options everywhere and wellness companies telling you what's right and what's wrong. It really is a practice, just like any asana or pranayama sequence. But eventually, your intuition will become louder and so will your body's answers. Then you can just follow your body's rhythms and find sweet homeostasis for you-- and only you.

It will ebb and flow with the seasons and your physical cycles. Sometimes you'll need more fats or grains. Sometimes you'll need only fruits and veggies... sometimes you'll need chocolate. Some days you'll eat a lot more, while others will naturally be light and minimal. Without judgement or shame, Intuitive Eating invites you to honor your body, mind, and spirit; to eat with a ton of joy, presence, and gratitude!

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