Predicting the Future

One of the great many things that Ashtanga, or any dedicated yoga practice, teaches is consistency without attachment. Just do the work and don't think too much about it in terms of achievements. Let go and surrender to the work. Coming to the mat can be a challenge, especially with all the obstacles in our way (Ganesha). Placing yourself in a position where you are held accountable is one of the many tools we can use to make our practice happen. It’s especially important because much of what this practice does takes years of patience. As we wander deeper down this path we start to understand our potential.

The path of action has a predictable outcome, and if we can live through action and learn how to diminish fear then all becomes more clear. As in the movie The Matrix, it’s not that the Oracle could see the future. It was that she understood the choices which would lead to inevitable outcomes. This is a reference to karma. As said by Pattabhi Jois, "Practice and all is coming.” Your choice to come to your mat will lead inevitably down a path that will allow you to get that pose or understand that concept. Remove the fear from your mind and know that this is inevitable.

When we surrender to the act of being a student we inevitably walk a path with many fruits. The only things stopping us from walking that path are our many fears and illusions of our mind. We might tell ourselves we are in the wrong class or we will never be able to do these things, looking at the other students as examples of where we may never be. This makes the act of being in that class seem like the wrong place to be. If we could just let go of our fear and see the truth… Imagine if a child made the choice to not sing the alphabet just because their parents could sing it.

As I write these things I still acknowledge the challenge of being in a new class, perhaps a Level 2 Flow or Ashtanga Vinyasa. I know that the hardest part is making it to your mat. I know the effort that is put into learning the practice and I am familiar with the many conflicts of the mind. When faced with all of these challenges, get to know the people practicing next to you. Become friends and help each other. Empower each other to keep coming.

Having fellow practitioners to inspire and help us through the many challenges of making it to our mat will pave the way for us to challenge the root of our fears. Once there, we can move ourselves into more clarity in life.

As our fears diminish we begin to remove illusions, and, as such, see the path of our actions and the actions of others. This means that we gain the ability to see our future or the future path of others. What do you see?

I see for myself a community of people who loves a particular hangout with climbing, yoga, and good healthy food. A place where they can learn new skills and find their potential. I see myself writing at least two books; one fictional, and both educational. I see myself easily speaking Spanish to strangers who become friends. I see myself comfortably dropping into the splits and calmly grabbing my feet in Kapotasana. I see a child whose second home is India and a family with friends around the world.

I can already see the summit of so many mountains. I am on a path that I intend to keep my dristi on and follow through with daily effort. With all of your help, I am sure all of this will happen. We shall help each other accomplish so many dreams and goals. See you on your mat.

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