J-Ma: Learning, Growing, Healing

This past weekend I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jordan Macbeth, also known as J-Ma, before her Lunarology workshop at the studio Saturday evening.

Jordan has that type of personality that feels like you've known her forever. She's a down to earth, powerhouse Leo with a lot of passion for the dharma she feels she's been called to fulfill: devote her life to helping people heal through yoga and astrology.

J-Ma was first introduced to astrology when she was in grade school. Her mother had a couple books on the topic and J-Ma could never put them down. It wasn't long before she began asking everyone for their sign, reading charts of friends and family, and looking at the world and it's inhabitants in correlation to the stars and planets. Her study in astrology taught her how to see the game of life through the greater perspective of the cosmos and gave her a tool with which to understand her own inner self.

"Besides the people I love, what inspires me to get out of bed every morning is the potential to learn and grow... I always want to keep learning. 'If you're not growing, you're dying.' That quote has really stuck with me."

When she found yoga at age 23, she absolutely fell in love - as most of us here have! The release and freedom she felt in her body and mind from the yoga practice was transformative, but she never actually planned to be a yoga teacher. If it weren't for someone else putting the down payment on yoga schooling, she may never have taken that step! A year after completing her teacher training, she was laid off from her job and took it as a sign from the Universe to share yoga with others.

It was then that she realized she could combine her two passions into one offering, YogaSTARology.

"[Astrology] can connect with yoga. There's parts of the body that each sign is connected to and there's yoga poses that we can use to support that part of the body and help the flow of energy in those meridians."

So why not mix them up and teach them together?

That's exactly what J-Ma does in her workshops. The new moon is a time for new beginnings, renewing your intentions, and taking steps toward your dreams and goals. We are fortunate enough at Yoga Pulse to have J-Ma with us to make the most of every new moon opportunity!

J-Ma gives insight into whatever new moon it may be at the time (this weekend was Gemini), what that actually means and how we can use this knowledge to navigate our days with more clarity and purpose. She describes astrology in such a way that is understandable and engaging to even the newbiest of newbs (me, hi.), so even if you're completely out of your element when it comes to astrology (or maybe even yoga!), this workshop provides a safe space to inquire, learn, and explore.

With her awareness of the cosmic forecast and knowledge of yoga, J-Ma has the ability to design a yoga practice that further improves our connection with the cycles of the moon and thus with our own inner workings. She incorporates journaling, yoga chanting (mantra), breathing exercises (pranayama), and a sweet yoga flow to get you into a clear mental state in order to focus on what you want and bring that energy into your life. It is amazing!

If you missed the Gemini New Moon Ceremony, don't fret! You can come celebrate with us during the next Lunarology workshop with J-Ma. Just stay on the look out for details on our website and Facebook page. Plus, you can always keep an eye on the sky to see when that new moon is coming up! <3

For love, with love.


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