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Buddhi Mudra for Clarity

Every single part of the body is connected through nerves that run in the hands (and feet and ears, but we’ll focus on the hands here). By bringing the hands and fingers into various positions, our whole being responds as we guide our energy to different areas of the physical, mental, and energetic bodies. Just like with yoga asana and pranayama practices, hand mudras are a wonderful way to intentionally communicate with the body and mind, to gain access to deeper parts of ourselves and remove obstacles that keep us from the truth of who we are. They help the mind stay present and steady, which aids in meditation, and many mudras are beneficial for healing the physical body of certain ailments.

Today we’ll look at Buddhi Mudra, or the gesture of mental clarity. Buddhi Mudra, as the name suggests, aids in purity of mind. It gets us out of our own way and helps to declutter our mind, thus enhancing our connection to our intuition and strengthening our psychic abilities. This mudra is especially beneficial if you need to reach deeper levels of your subconscious to uncover personal mysteries and callings, if you’re unsure of what step to take next in life, or if you're feeling disconnected from your Self. The Buddhi Mudra symbolizes the union between earth and ether (space) and gives us the ability to integrate more deeply with our inner and outer worlds.

How to Practice Buddhi Mudra:

To practice Buddhi Mudra, bring the tip of your thumb and the tip of your pinky finger together. Keep the other three fingers together and straight. Hold this hand position while you sit comfortably with your breath steady and eyes closed for 5-100 breaths or as long as you need to.

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