High-Vibe Tonics to Add to Your Daily Life

Am I the only one who gets super excited about healthy teas, tonics, and elixirs? I just love having a delicious and nutritious drink to sip on, especially as a nursing mama! These three tonics are some of my top go-to's these days. They're healthy, healing, rejuvenating, and soulful.

Skullcap and Lavender Tea>>

Skullcap has been used throughout history to relieve anxiety and tension and aid in better sleep. Due to large amounts of flavonoids, this herb acts as a gentle sedative. It's antispasmodic quality makes skullcap one of the best herbs for relieving menstrual cramps during women's moon cycles.

Lavender has so many health benefits, including soothing anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm the body and mind, making it a wonderful addition to your skullcap tea. This simple herbal tea is an ideal nighttime ritual.

You can find looseleaf skullcap and lavender at your local herb store to make this yummy homemade relaxation tea!

Loco Hot Cocoa Mix>>

Wild Sun Wellness is a small local company that makes an amazing proprietary blend of cacao powder and medicinal mushrooms that provides you with balanced, sustainable energy. And for the record, you cannot taste the mushrooms. It straight up tastes like hot cocoa. I am obsessed.

You can have the cocoa mix with just plain water/milk or sweeten it up with honey, add it to smoothies, whatever is your style. I like to mix the powder with warm coconut milk and a tablespoon of coconut oil for extra deliciousness and nutrition. It's a perfect morning beverage or even a chocolatey afternoon pick-me-up. Yoga Pulse is fortunate enough to be carrying Wild Sun Wellness products in studio very soon, so keep an eye out when you come to class (or check their website if you can't wait)!

Ginger Lemon Detox>>

Coconut water, minced ginger, and lemon juice. This powerful immune booster is so hydrating and cleansing. The amount of ginger can vary depending on personal preference. I use one whole lemon and mince about 1/2-1 inch of ginger root into coconut water.

You can let this sit for 5-10 minutes and strain if you don't want to chew on ginger pieces (full disclosure... I love ginger so I don't strain it)! If you're out of coconut water or simply don't like it, you can use plain filtered water instead and add some raw honey to taste. Option to add turmeric or cayenne for an extra kick! This is a great tonic to sip on throughout the day, especially during the hot Arizona summer.

Yum! Do you drink any of these? What's your favorite high-vibe elixir?

For love, with love.


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