Self Worth & Living Your Best Life

I've come to the realization that I've spent a lot of my life not believing in my own worth. It's manifested itself in several different ways at different points in my life; downplaying my successes, rebounding compliments with self-belittling responses, unhealthy relationships... just to name a few.

It really held me back from living my life freely and joyfully on many occasions. In those moments, I couldn't see that, truthfully, the only thing blocking me was myself.

When we really get down to the core of an issue, basically all of our blocks in life come from this nagging (and FALSE) belief of unworthiness. Think about it. Take any desire you want to manifest in your life (an awesome job, more money, a special lover, a house by the beach...) and ask yourself why you don't have it yet. Then take that answer, and ask yourself why that answer is the case. Then do it again and again, ask deeper and deeper and deeper. Keep asking until you actually get to the root cause of your problem, and I'm going to say 99% of the time, when it all gets stripped down, it is a fear of unworthiness. We all have it.

Self worth is crucial. We ARE worthy of living our best life. We DO deserve to be happy and live abundantly. If we don't believe that, then we are working against the laws of success and blocking abundance out of our lives.

Knowing that your truest nature is to create the life you love and deserve is half the battle. Once you start to believe this as truth and OWN it, NUTURE it, and REINFORCE it, you create space for healing, new beginnings, and bigger successes to take place.

So I've taken it upon myself to own my worth and step into my power. Here are a couple of the simplest ways I'm doing so. You can try them too, or think of your own behaviors, where you might be reinforcing to yourself that you're not worthy of greatness, and then find ways to change that story in your head.


Yeah. Seems simple, and maybe even silly. But this is really big for me. Most of my life I've spent NOT shopping when I wanted to, NOT buying those cute pants I really loved, and settling for things I thought were just cute enough to get by because they were a few dollars cheaper. I mean it, guys, I wear so many clothes that are super old, or I don't even REALLY like because I didn't believe it was worth it to buy nice things for myself. Doesn't that sound straight crazy? Well, not anymore! I'm giving myself permission to full on update my wardrobe with clothing that I really LOVE that makes me feel good in my body. Because I am worth it.


Ever since I was a very little girl I always dreamed of being a working writer. This blog is a HUGE component of showing myself that I am capable and worthy of owning my dream. This platform has given me the opportunity to share my voice with so many of you, and it means so much to me that you read it! I absolutely love hearing from you and knowing that my words are making an influence in some of your lives. You are truly supporting my biggest dream here. Since taking on this blog, my subconscious has opened up to the real possibility of becoming a published author one day. It's given me the opportunity to strengthen my writing muscles, which, admittedly, have atrophied over the last decade or so of my life. I've even felt inspired to begin other personal writing projects apart from the blog. I am BEYOND grateful!


I think one of the best ways to nurture my sense of worthiness is to keep learning, growing, and creating. So I've been really keen on bringing good, inspiring vibes into my psyche. I've been listening to influential podcasts everyday, reading excellent fiction and nonfiction books, and spending more time socializing with awesome people who lift my spirit. This is such a great way for me to fill my cup and get the creative juices flowing, which makes me feel good about myself and the path I'm on. I've found the more I expose myself to new information and experiences, the more excited I am about being a creator myself. It reinforces the truth that we have unending potential to make life our own definition of AMAZING.


Home cooked meals, whole food diet, high vibrational tonics and elixirs... I'm stepping into my power by giving myself all the goods. I've completely cut out all those processed foods with long lists of questionable ingredients and switched to wholesome simplicity. I ate what I considered a moderately healthy vegetarian diet before now, but man, getting rid of those unproductive, heavy foods (grains, dairy, eggs, soy, beans, legumes) has made such a profound impact on my wellbeing. My body is currently going through a detox, though, and that means some days I feel great and others are more difficult to get through.

With that, it's beneficial to note that I allow myself proper rest when I need it and I use my energy productively when I have it. Finding balance between rest and power on the wellness journey is of the utmost importance. There's no reason to burn myself out, especially when my body is undergoing drastic changes in eating patterns.

There you have it! Four things (of many!) I'm doing right now to prove to myself that I am so worthy of abundant love, happiness, health, and success. It is so empowering! Just from setting the intention to own my power through these simple acts has brought such joy and enthusiasm into my everyday life. I hope you feel inspired to liberate yourself from the sense of unworthiness and step into your own power too. Live your best life! You deserve it.

For love, with love.


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