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Manifesting with Clear Quartz

Clear quartz might just be considered the King of Crystals. The healing benefits and energetic powers of clear quartz are endless! These crystals protect against negative energy, heal the body, and amplify intentions. If you’re looking to manifest something big, this is a powerful crystal to have. Clear quartz is known to amplify and mirror back our thoughts. One scientist, Marcel Vogel, found that the cellular structure of the clear quartz actually shifted and morphed shapes depending on what he was thinking about at the time. Crystal quartz actually absorbs the energy that is put into it and then transmits it back out into the world. Think about that for a second! You can use this crystal to heal the body-mind-spirit, activate the crown chakra, cleanse your aura or other crystals, and essentially “download” your intentions or wishes into the rock itself for safe keeping and transmission.

How to Set your Intention into your Crystal.

First, cleanse your crystal. As mentioned above, clear quartz is known for programming energy and intentions into it’s structure. You’ll want to cleanse your crystal to essentially recharge and reset it from past energies. You can do this either by leaving your rock out in the light of the full moon overnight, or in the light of the sun during the day in order to soak up the positive, clear energy. From there, it’s pretty simple. Find a quiet place to sit down and close your eyes. Take a few moments to connect to your body and breath, the air and sounds around you and the earth beneath you. Hold your crystal in your hand and set the intentions you’d like your crystal to hold for you. You can say them out loud and meditate on them, allowing the crystal to soak up all the new information. This is best done on the new moon of the month, but it’s still beneficial anytime.

If you’re not wearing your crystal, you can place it in a window sill where it can get the natural light from the sun and moon regularly, amplifying it’s healing and protective qualities.

Now go set some new intentions!

***NOTE: When purchasing crystals, be sure they are legitimate. There are many companies out there that simply want to make bank off of the whole “new age” trend of crystals. The energy and powers of crystals are very real, but not if they’re fake. If a crystal is real, the vendor should be able to prove so with a certificate of legitimacy or something similar.

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