COVID19: Studio Protocol 


Taking in-studio classes at Yoga Pulse Studio means that you agree to the followingBy signing up for class(es) in-studio....

  • I agree to wear a face mask in the Common Areas (foyer/boutique, front desk, green drink bar, bathrooms).

  • I agree to honestly answer the screening questions and sign the COVID waiver as I know they aren't just for my safety, but the total safety of our community as well. (Pre-screening only happens once)

  • I agree to sanitizing my hands and having my temperature taken each time I arrive at Yoga Pulse Studio.

  • I agree to not touching other individuals (hugs,etc) and keep a safe social-distance.

  • I understand that these safety measures are for my protection, as well as the other studio clients.

  • The world seems "off" right now, but you can trust Pulse to be your refuge. We must create physical space between members in-studio-- but aim to maintain and upholding our community. Within this space-- you can still connect mentally and emotionally, and know you and your yoga practice are supported.

***As this is a trying time to every body, we ask that you please have patience and grant us grace. If you are confused about our protocol, you can send an e-mail to: Hello@YogaPulseStudio.com or call the studio DURING business hours (480-459-5444).***

We have 8 Steps to get you started.... please continue to read in the orange section!

Clients: Aged 60+ Years Old &/Or Immunocompromised

We acknowledge that populations of people aged 60 years or older are considered more at-risk, as well as immunocompromised individuals. With a drivers license, or a doctors note stating you are immunocompromised, we can also temporarily freeze your account. If you would like your membership frozen for either of these 2 groups, we can freeze it until August 5th. Please send an e-mail to: Hello@YogaPulseStudio.com

Our classes are easy to book on the MindBody app (also, www.MindBodyOnline.com). Due to COVID19 and the CDC guidelines, classes in the Red Room are capped to 10 people, and classes in the Green Room are capped to 6 people. If you try to use MindBody and cannot book it, the class may already be full. You can call us for more information— be sure to do so during our business hours, otherwise prepare to leave a voicemail. You may be kindly asked to leave if you do not abide by our protocols and procedure.


•Step 1: Pre-Book and Pay for your space in class
•Step 2: Answer Screening Questions via phone call 30-60 minutes before the scheduled class (no right or wrong answers, just getting a general overview of your health the past 4 months)-- we are also working to make this an auto-email that is sent when you sign up on MindBody. The e-mail you receive will ask you to answer our pre-screening questions and sign the waiver (this will be in place starting June 1st, 2020).
•Step 3: Arrive 5 minutes before class wearing a mask (10 minutes if you're new)
Step 4: Enter into the studio (sanitize hands) and one of our Administrators will take your temperature
Step 5: Mark your cubby and store your keys (please LIMIT what you bring into the studio)
Step 6: Set up your mat and wait in room sans mask (leave in cubby) or you can wait in the common area with a mask on
Step 7: Practice Yoga with PULSE! __ 🙏🏻♥️
Step 8: Clean your yoga Mat and leave any props used where they are so our staff can cleanse them properly.


We are using medical grade UVC/Ozone Therapy— it kills 99.98% of ALL germs, parsites, virus, fungi, and EVEN bad vibes too! We are utilizing this technology multiple times a day, when no one is in the studio. This light therapy is Medical Grade from a reputable Med Tech Company; it cleanses the air and surfaces! We are also sweeping, mopping, and wiping down all surfaces multiple times a day. #YogaPulseStudio